Wedding Advice

If you are looking for a Balloon supplier, some advise is ask them how much experience they have, but ask to see work they have done and if they can look at work you are doing, at a local venue so they can actually see work not just look at photo’s.

Also the Best quality balloons on the market are Qualatex, this is all i use, I will only ever use the best quality products, I offer a very high standard of work, I get very high feedback on my facebook account all the time and I would be happy to ask any of my customers to tell any future customers how they found my service.

Please check your supplier fully before booking just because someone recommends me doesn’t mean i’m right for you, so please come and see my work for your self and meet me to make sure that I can offer you what you need for your Wedding.

Look on my facebook account,

or my website.Β

If you have any questions we are always happy to answer so please get in touch.

Thank you Kim.

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