New amazing Centre Pieces now in Stock

We have some amazing new stock for Table Centre Pieces.
it’s a very exciting time now coming up to christmas, As lots of you will be buying your Christmas presents, Remember you need to sort your things for your Special Event soon, so don’t put it off. We are happy to come and discuss with our couples what they need for there special event, even if they can’t afford to pay their deposit to secure there booking until after christmas, as least this way they know all they have to do is pay, they have sorted the finer details… We love helping people with their budget and finalising all the nice things to give their Venue the “Wow” Factor.
If you are looking for suppliers i have the fortune to work with some amazing suppliers that i Highly Recommend so follow me on message me for anything and i will put you in touch with the best i know…
I look forward to helping you soon…x

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