Popular Wedding Colours

We have found at Stylish Events that 2012 & 2013 Weddings most popular colour was Cadbury’s Purple so far the most popular colours for 2014 are Coral and Teal, both stunning colours!

We have done lot’s of Balloons & Chair Covers in Cadbury purple but not many in Coral and Teal, so will be looking forward to having lot’s of different Venue’s in Milton Keynes to Dress with our Balloons and Chair Covers or our Stunning Table Centre pieces.

These Colours are also very popular for Parties and other kinds of Celebrations such lovely colours!

We go to lot’s of amazing venue’s around Milton Keynes and the most popular seems to be the Holiday Inn either in Central Milton Keynes or the Holiday Inn East near Newport Pagnell, I must say the staff at both are very helpful and so friendly.

I would love to hear what your Popular Colours are for Weddings in 2014

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