About Our Balloon Services

We offer wedding balloons, party balloons, foil balloons, engagement balloons…this list is pretty endless as we supply balloons for all occasions!

If you want to ensure that your venue impresses your guests, with stunning displays & an incredible service, then look no further than

Stylish Events Mk!

If you are looking for a one off display delivered to your home or restaurant or workplace not a problem we will do this for you, contact us for prices, we also do lot’s of special balloons for children’s birthday’s or adults for that matter, we can help with anything you require.

Have a look at our personalised photo balloon this is something we can have delivered to anywhere in the UK you email us the photo and text you want added, we get it delivered to the address to surprise a special person! Great for hen nights, birthday’s, weddings, or any occasion, These photo balloons are very popular.

You may have forgotten to get someone a gift if so then why not get them a special display made up and delivered to their door, you may want a baby arrival balloon we can do that too, nothing is to much trouble, just email or call with your inquiry.

As a family run business, our overheads are kept to a minimum meaning that we can provide a quality service at an incredible price.

Bride and Groom with BalloonsWe begin by discussing your requirements with you in depth before giving you a quote so that there are no unpleasant surprises further down the line.  As the experts in balloon decoration, we can help you with suggestions to maximize the impact of your venue, whilst staying within your budget

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